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    Who is eligible to apply for a loan?
    What do I need to get a loan?
    Bayport interest rates appear too high.
    There is a high incidence of over deduction.
    Do I need collateral to get a Bayport loan?
    What can I use my loan for?
    I am not a civil servant nor is the company I work for approved by Bayport, how do I get a loan?
    How much of loan can I get?
    Is my salary enough to get a loan?
    Which is your cheapest loan product?
    Can I pay my loan early if I want?
    How long does it take for the loan to be disbursed?
    I’ve heard there are delays in payment of loans into an account.
    Can my Bayport loan be used to pay off my other loans/debts?
    Can I increase a current loan amount?
    If my monthly deductions are more than what was agreed, what should I do?
    How do I make a complaint?



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Airport West, Accra

Tel: +233 030 274 5454

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